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Fun Fact

American folk hero and former Springfield detective "Wild" Bill Hickok (1837-1876)
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American folk hero "Wild" Bill Hickok was involved in the first recorded quick-draw shootout of the Wild West era, which occurred on Park Central Square in 1865.

A Springfield police officer is photographed with a hooded cobra in 1953
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In 1953, about 10 hooded cobras escaped from a local pet shop. While the cobras caused fear throughout the city, some businesses offered cobra haircuts, cocktails and other cobra-themed items. The incident was covered by national media.

David Leong's signature Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken
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Springfield’s signature dish is Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken. Created by David Leong in 1963, Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken can be found on menus around the world. The Leong family still has a restaurant in Springfield – Leong’s Asian Diner.

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