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Mountain views near Asheville, North Carolina
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Exploring the nature haven of Asheville, North Carolina

French singer-songwriter Laetitia Sheriff is travelling around the USA on the trail of music, history and culture. For the next leg of her journey, she visited the “Land of the Sky”, Asheville, North Carolina.

Asheville, North Carolina gets its nickname from its spectacular location, ringed as it is by the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains, with their heavenward ambitions.

“Nature is everywhere here,” describes Laetitia. “You can see the Blue Ridge Mountains from pretty much everywhere in the city. There’s something about the light here. People had talked to me about the chemistry between the sun and the forest trees that gives that blue color. But you have to see it to believe it!”

colorful mural in Asheville
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A City with an Artistic Soul

The city’s natural setting means there is no shortage of activities for the outdoorsy types but those with more cultural interests will also find themselves spoiled by Asheville’s vibrant arts scene.

The city owes its artistic credentials to George Vanderbilt. This Staten Island, New York, native took a fancy to the place and, in 1888, began construction of a country home. The resulting 3,200-hectare Biltmore Estate required an entire army of artists and craftsmen to complete, and many of them decided to settle in the area, giving root to the artsy community that lives there today.

"I’ve rarely felt this in recent years,” added Laetitia. “The mentality of the people in this city has made me so happy and optimistic. Here, coming together is essential and expressing yourself by making art, even more so.”

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina
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Brewer's Haven

Asheville claims to have more breweries per capita than any other U.S. city, and first achieved’s "Beer City" title back in 2009, gaining it a reputation for being a hub for great craft beer.

Visitors can enjoy several annual beer festivals, as well as many different brewery tours – some 100 different locally-brewed beers are on offer around the city. Other local specialties also include beer-infused sweets, treats and… cosmetics!

It will come as no surprise then, that when it comes to picking a pint, visitors to the area are spoiled for choice. One place Laetitia recommends after visiting during her trip was Wedge Brewing Company: everything you drink there is brewed there, and you will not find it anywhere else.

Wedge Brewing Company
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5 Favorite Asheville Destinations

Whether you’re a music fan, adrenaline junkie or literature nerd, here is a selection of must-see spots in and around Asheville, North Carolina:

Biltmore Estate

The immense Biltmore Estate is home to the largest privately-owned house in the US. Built by George Washington Vanderbilt as a "little mountain escape", the 16,622 square meters of Biltmore House is a prominent example of the architecture of the USA's "Gilded Age”. “It’s crazy,” describes Laetitia. “It’s an unbelievable project that Vanderbilt has left America. A relic just as impressive as the Palace of Versailles.”

Orange Peel Social Aid & Pleasure Club

The Orange Peel Social Aid & Pleasure Club, known as "The Orange Peel" is a music venue known for giving the stage to up-and-coming bands as well as to legendary performers. Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Hootie & the Blowfish, and the Beastie Boys have all appeared there since it opened in 2002. For Laetitia, seeing the Oh Sees there was a highlight: “It gave me a lot of joy and emotion… the ‘rock’ crowd was the best I’d met.”

Chimney Rock State Park

Chimney Rock is the centerpiece of Chimney Rock State Park, located about an hour south from Asheville city. It is by far the oldest attraction on this list, having sat there for 535 million years. Visitors can hike to the 96-meter high granite outcrop to experience views extending for 120 kilometers. The more intrepid can scale its unforgiving face: not a feat for the faint-hearted.

Thomas Wolfe Landmarks

Thomas Wolfe (1900 - 1938) is a giant of American literature and possibly Asheville’s most famous son. Visitors to the city can tread in his footsteps, visiting his childhood home, his mother’s “Old Kentucky” boarding house and the playhouse behind it. His readers will doubtless recognize many of the landmarks that litter his autobiographical writings.


There are many places to zip line around the world, but at Navitat, the experience is taken to the next level. Thrill-seekers can fly through the treeline at jaw-dropping speeds surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. “Jumping the zip line is a bit like this Notes from the USA adventure,” says Laetitia. “I only had one thought in mind: do it all again.”

Zip lining at Navitat
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Soundtrack of a City

Check out this locally inspired soundtrack to accompany you on your visit to Asheville, North Carolina:

"Sun's Gonna Shine" – Steve Martin and Edie Brickell

This is one of the songs from Bright Star, comedian Steve Martin's 2014 musical about Asheville, co-written with Edie Brickell.

"Am I The Only One" – Dierks Bentley

Country singer Dierks Bentley recorded his sixth studio album in five days at Asheville's Echo Mountain Studio, with 30,000 fans logging on to watch the process. "Am I The Only One" (2011) was an instant hit with fans.

"Filthy Dirty South" – Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia was one of the bands to work with the Asheville Symphony Orchestra to produce cross-over album The Asheville Symphony Sessions (2016). "Filthy Dirty South" is the first track on the album.

"I Put a Spell on You" – Nina Simone

Add "I Put a Spell on You" (1965) by Nina Simone to your Asheville playlist. The famous jazz singer, songwriter and pianist grew up in nearby Tyron.

"Long Stretch of Love" – Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum's "Long Stretch of Love" (2014) features an Appalachian instrument called the Woodrow, that is made only in Asheville.

The Orange Peel Social Aid & Pleasure Club
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